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Standards for Cloud Computing in Legal

For the first time, the LCCA has published a “Cloud Security Doctrine” for law firms.

LCCA Doctrine

After months, if not years of presumably too many law firms regarding e.g. Dropbox to be state of the art concerning cloud computing within their offices and, moreover, to store data of clients or exchange information with Clients via clouds, this scenario has finally come to an end.

No more excuses

“The legal profession has unique security and confidentiality requirements that differ from many other businesses. Most cloud tools used by consumers do not often recognize and support these needs” said Jack Newton, CEO of Clio and President of the LCCA. “The LCCA’s security standards give the legal profession certainty as to the specific steps taken by their technology vendors in keeping their data private and, we hope, provide the basis for a common set of standards that Bar Associations and Law Societies will support.”

In order to obey the requirements cited above, all those firms or lawyers, which are into SaaS and / or cloud computing are now provided with the necessary standards in order to live up to best-practice expectations and thus clients´ expectations

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